Do you take life too seriously?

April 26, 2018 2 By Sammarie

Recently, I got a shocking phone call from my younger cousin, who broke the dreadful news to me that she had just gotten engaged.

I use this word, dreadful, because at the time, I was horrified by this life altering decision that my 18 year old – no, seriously – 18 year old cousin was making.

As you can probably imagine, I immediately turned into “mom-mode” and flipped out. Going on to tell her all of the reasons that this was a terrible idea.

Looking back, I feel bad that this was my initial reaction; but of course, my patient as can be younger cousin let me have this small moment of parenting, up until I stopped to take a very much needed breath again. Through my gasps, I could practically hear her gleaming smile through the phone as she calmly said to me, “Sammie, you take life way to seriously.”

This comment stooped me.

I mean, what in the hell? 

How can someone take life too seriously? I had always believed that I had never been serious enough; but to be told by my younger cousin that I was putting too much emphasis on life was an astounding topic that I had never ventured to explore.

Once my silence was apparent, she laughed again.

“Sammie, I mean it. What is the harm in getting married early, anyways?”

At this, my mind raced with ideas, which I promptly throttled her way: “You’ve never lived with him,” “You’ve never lived alone,” “You don’t know if he’s the one,” “You are missing out on time to find yourself,” “You are missing out on opportunities,” etc.

And to my surprise, she answered each of my worries in a gentle, thoughtful manner.

She went on to say that this was her opportunity. That people need to live alone and travel and find themselves in order to create opportunities and change; whereas in her story, she knows who she is and what her purpose will be, and so it does not serve her to wait until society tells her when it is okay to get married.

After she had said her piece, I couldn’t help but think to myself; Damn, the kid is right. 

She has figured it out and I am the one who has the growing up to do. My little 18 year old cousin knew that the importance of life does not lie in the roles that we play, or the rules that we follow; instead it lies in the chances that we take, the experiences that we make, and the love that we create.

So I have to ask… do you think that you take life too seriously?

And moreover, are you willing to make a change?

Comment below your thoughts on my revelation, my cousin’s insight, or anything that sparked your interest that we can explore together, moving forward in our little space we call life. 


As always, thank you for reading my story 🙂

Love, Sammie XOXO